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We spent sixteen hours on that train… Still, I enjoyed the shoot with Yemi A.D. I love working with him, he’s so good at managing people on set and motivating them. The video was shot on a 16mm camera by Jirka Vágner, Robert Roszbeck and our steady cam operator Lukáš (see credits for more). Jarda Gazda did a great job as the production manager. Many sleepless nights… And YZA did colour grading.

Backstage video by Ilya Fomykhin.

We’ve been loving the acoustic Furch Tour… Please use the tag #furchtour and #lakemalawimusic when putting stuff online, so we can find you! Last week, we played four gigs in a row, did a Years & Years cover once and I read my favourite book Catcher In The Rye to kids in a library… See you in Zlín tonight! Ã.

Brno Klara Wiltavska
Photo by Klara Wiltavská

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