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Oooooooooh!!!!! I haven’t been that excited for a long time! I’ve got a journal I once bought at The Royal Albert Hall and I’ve found I tend to write mostly when I’m sad or feeling shit. Well, this blog is the opposite! I really feel just great today! How are you?

The Prague acoustic gigs were lovely… I went to Nouvelle Prague at the weekend and discovered this incredible band called The Amazons. I spoke to Matthew and Joe (I think that’s the guitarist) afterwards about how we all love Tame Impala so much… And I had a dream of calling Kevin Parker up on the phone last night.

I did my first Periscope broadcast from a train the other day and I’m doing the Leoš Mareš show on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I’ll write more in a couple of days. This week is going to be crazy… These two songs have been on my brain forever: The Weeknd & Soak. See you soon! Ã.

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