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Greetings from Littlehampton!

We’re staying at Joel Peter‘s these days – it is so kind of them! To show ​them how much we appreciate it, ​we let them ​score a few goals in ​the afternoon football match. No offence but we were training hard at petrol stations on the way ​down to Sussex ​from Newcastle​. ​N​o way ​you guys could win. Hahaha

They took us to ​a​ popular ​pub here​ yesterday​. I haven’t had Fosters since my ​time in Sydney, Australia. It ​brought back nice memories even though we didn’t play pool at all. I don’t know about Joel,​ but we weren’t surprised when our sound​ ​engineer Viktor started to challenge everyone in arm​ ​wrestling. If there is ​one​ thing he does quite well, it is arm​ ​wrestle​ing​. And drinking milk.

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​Many interviews with our band ​Albert gets asked: “Why do you wear red trousers all the time?” He didn’t ​wear them in Birmingham! I swear! He simply didn’t manage to get dressed ​in​ time. Sad.

We are touring Sussex ’til 27th May​ (we added a gig at Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton on Tuesday)​ – if you’re here, meet us and celebrate ​the release of our EP “We Are Making Love Again​” Sussex style on Monday ​25th May!! :-)

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