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Jerome and Pavel are watching football on TV while I’m typing away. We had a rehearsal in Prague today ahead of our Waves Vienna Saturday gig that starts at 20.30 on the Red Bull Brandwagen. Patrick brought me this hipster caffeine drink from a friend who runs Brewbar, the coolest place for good coffee in the city. Tomorrow (on Friday) we play at La Loca from 8.30 pm.

Brewbar rules

I am a big fan of Ben Howard and his beautiful backing vocalist. I hope to meet them both one day and say hi. I met him in Morocco in winter and said: “You were the soundtrack to this holiday. You’re in my iPod. Beautiful stuff.” He said thanks and went on playing checkers. I also love fact that they’re touring with Daughter (this first song is incredible):

On Sunday, we played for about 20,000 people in a football stadium. That was a good moment! Good night, Ã.

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